At Phoenix Modern, we are applying NEW designs for the use of time, people, and physical space that will continue to dramatically CHANGE the way we think about the LEARNING EXPERIENCE of children.

“My kids are excited to go to school every day and when I pick them up they want to tell me all about their day.”
“My kids are excited to go to school every day and when I pick them up they want to tell me all about their day.”

Phoenix Modern is operated by New Learning Ventures, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Below are some ways you can donate.

Arizona Tax Credit Program

Support Phoenix Modern for FREE. Arizona law allows for couples to donate up to $400 and single taxpayers up to $200 each year and claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions made to public schools (including charter schools) in Arizona for the support of extracurricular activities or character education programs. Donations must be received by April 15. Learn More →


Gifts of all sizes make a difference in supporting powerful learning experiences for children, necessary teacher support, engaging materials, beautiful learning spaces, and many more enrichment opportunities. We invite you to partner with us. Be sure to ask your employer if they have a matching donor program as well.



Take part in supporting children to flourish! Opportunities to sponsor an entire studio, fund 21st-century programs and provide necessary hands-on experiences are available.
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We all have talents, and we’d love for you to share yours with children. Inspire tomorrows leaders, spread kindness, or lend a hand in our math, reading, and writing workshops, among other helpful opportunities to volunteer your time and talent.
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What does it take?

At Phoenix Modern, we are thinking intentionally about a child’s experience in ways that lead to accelerated and deeper learning, stronger social and emotional skills, and a greater sense of self-direction and joy in learning. In order to do this, we are connecting with a community of parents, educators, and supporters like you.

Your support is necessary to foster a loving community that prepares our future problem solvers and creators. Despite our critical mission and ambitious vision, we receive fewer per pupil resources than schools across the country and zero dollars for capital expenses. To truly deliver on a sustainable learning community we must work together to ensure all children flourish. Will you join us?

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Phoenix Modern is a free, public charter school in Phoenix, Arizona