The curriculum at Phoenix Modern is designed to allow children to
EXPLORE, CREATE, and PREPARE for a world full of possibility.

We trust children and facilitate an empowering environment where students have agency to grow their curiosity and direct their learning.
We trust children and facilitate an empowering environment where students have agency to grow their curiosity and direct their learning.

At Phoenix Modern, we are applying research based designs for the use of time, resources, and physical space that lead to increased growth and flourishing for children. The following are a few of our guiding design principles for learning.

Self-paced and personalized

We believe that one size does not fit all; rather, students can be co-creators of their own learning experience. Children will navigate a curated compilation of diverse learning experiences, add their personal interests and ideas, and progress at a pace that best suits their individuals needs.


We respect and value children, encourage self-expression, nurture loving relationships, and create safe spaces for children to take risks and flourish. Our program design includes a focus on social and emotional well being, cognitive processing, and wayfinding skills in addition to deep understanding and application in core academic areas.

Hands-on project

Learning at Phoenix Modern is hands-on, collaborative, and multi-dimensional. Students participate in guided discussions and are immersed in multi-week projects, discussions, and writing workshops.


The daily schedule is intentionally flexible, granting us the time and space to be creative and innovative. Although there is enough structure to provide a framework, children and guides are able to make decisions about what is most needed in the learning environment throughout the day.

Children as creators
and collaborators

Children are resourceful, imaginative, and in search of relationships. At Phoenix Modern, children learn and become themselves through interaction with other people, ideas, and materials.

What is a Learning Guide?

Learning Guides at Phoenix Modern are first and foremost curious learners themselves. They are world-class, inquiry-based educators who care deeply about children. They inspire, ask probing questions, present challenges, and help students to reflect and hold themselves accountable for their own learning. Additionally, guides actively document and reflect on children’s learning in order to design enriching, engaging and relevant learning experiences that lead to growth and flourishing.

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Phoenix Modern is a free, public charter school in Phoenix, Arizona