Due to the current spread of coronavirus cases in Arizona, we do not anticipate returning to in-person instruction until after fall break (August 17 – October 5).  We are now able to offer a more robust, fully-remote learning program.

As a team, we reflected on what would lead to a world-class, Phoenix Modern remote learning program and determined the above core design principles. We knew that we must strive for consistent, predictable communication; infuse joy and wonder in learner experiences; foster community connections; center around the whole child; integrate hands-on, creative activities, and provide extended support for families along the way.

In alignment with our core pillars, our team then designed structures for learning and community building that would allow us to ultimately set the foundation for what it means to be a Phoenix Modern learner and to prepare children to return to campus.

Every day, we will be intentional with our daily interactions with children. We are designing robust take-home kits called Wonder Boxes that allow children to explore new concepts in a fun, hands-on, off-screen way. We are also utilizing cutting-edge digital learning technologies for children to learn at their own pace.

We know this is a tough time for parents as well, so we are also designing a series of webinars and resources to equip families with a toolbox of skills to ensure their children flourish while deepening their family connections.


  • Daily morning meetings and closing circles
  • Guide-facilitated daily routine with check-ins throughout the day
  • Small-group instruction for math and reading
  • Daily specials (art or health & wellness) for each studio
  • Unstructured studio social-time on Zoom


  • A Chromebook for every child needing one
  • Every two weeks, families receive a robust kit with materials, books, resources, a learning plan for their child, and tips and strategies
  • Children send work and artifacts back to school with their bins and guides put student work up in the studio.
  • Pass-around community symbol with a journal


  • Cutting-edge digital resources
  • Studios equipped with advanced audio and video and high-speed connection
  • Instructional video bank
  • Interactive, digital bitmoji studios


  • One hour family meeting with the guide (following recommended COVID-19 safety precautions)
  • Receive Chromebook
  • Receive the first Wonder Box
  • Download and review digital platforms
  • Review expectations/norms
  • Initial diagnostic academic assessments


  • Phoenix Modern hosts a Returning to Virtual Learning series that
    includes resources for managing schedules, setting up home learning space, developing routines, building up independence, supporting tech use
  • Phoenix Modern hosts a Returning to In-Person Learning series
  • Phoenix Modern hosts virtual classes for supporting children
  • Phoenix Modern maintains a video tutorial bank of quick tips (tech support)
  • Virtual social events
  • Personal mid-session call with families
  • Monthly Town Hall
  • Office Hours by appointment
  • Whole school interactive calendar
  • Develop a robust list of local organizations to support food, mental health, safety, financial, childcare, and medical needs.
  • Ensure all families have access to technology and the internet at home
  • Ensure families have access to basic school supplies
  • Connect with experts to offer customized virtual sessions for families
  • Providing the ability for families to support each other
  • Offer a safe, supervised studio space for families who need it on campus


Download our Plan Overview

Download our detailed Distance Learning Plan as submitted to the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools


On-site Support

We recognize that some families, due to working situations may not have a safe, supervised space for children to participate and work; therefore, we will offer on-campus workspaces and support for families in need. 

Parents can request on-site support here.